Awesome Advice for Campus Students!

Things every university student ought to know;
Its a few months after high school and your KCSE results are almost out. You go to church on Sunday and pray for hours that you get a good grade to get you into university. Your prayers are answered and since you passed beyond your wildest dreams, for weeks you walk around the neighborhood holding your head high anticipating the moment when someone, or anyone, would ask about your grade. The excitement is compounded when you finally join the university. At this point, the sky is the limit. You are excited and bursting with life and cannot wait to experience the “University life”. With the new found freedom, you quickly make friends and start forming cliques, could be the cool clique, the nerdy, the born again or wherever it is you fit. At first, you attend all the classes but eventually, life gets in the way. Too much partying, binge watching movies or just lazing around in the dorm room becomes a norm and slowly, you start skiving classes. This becomes your life until you graduate and the harsh realities of life sink in and you wish you knew. To avoid the wishing, I will share some advice that every university student ought to know.
1. Engage in extracurricular activities. Well, this will help in two ways; (i) you never know where your talent lies. By engaging in different activities, you get to know what you are good at. Who knows, you might be the next Julius Yego or Lupita Nyong’o (ii) you will able to network and form friendships that will come in handy in post university life.
2. Network. Simply put, you need to make valuable friends/contacts. I mean it’s good to know who always has the latest “muchene” in class but you also need to think of your future. When you step into the world, networks make your life much easier. So how do you network? Attend career fairs/talks, join clubs and attend any other university events that you think might be important.
3. Do as many internships as possible. Think of what you want to be after graduating and look for internships that will steer you towards your career goal. I know we all complain that in some internship you are sent to the filing room from day 1 to the last day and we keep asking, is it really worth it? I’m not gaining the relevant experience so what’s the point? Well, to emphasize on why even that filing role is important, I will use James Mworia as an example. For those who do not know him, he is the CEO of Centum. For those who do not know Centum, refer to point number 4 below. Back to James Mworia, he started as an intern in Centum with the role of filing and in seven or so years, he was able to rise to the position of a CEO. Need I say more?
4. Make good use of the internet. Almost all universities nowadays have wifi which makes our university life even more interesting. You spend a whole day downloading movies and series and chatting with your friends on Whatsapp. Not to say that this is wrong or bad. We all need a hobby/ pass time. But do you know just how much you can do with the internet? Start a blog, attend free classes on YouTube, search for jobs and scholarships and learn about the world. Your education does not have to be constrained to the classroom; there is lots of free knowledge in the internet just waiting for you to discover it.
5. Understand that life is not easy. Most university graduates imagine that after school they will immediately land the job of their dreams. Reality is, some might be lucky enough to get the job, but for most graduates, the Kenyan job market is frustrating characterized by endless “tarmacking”, sending in job applications with no response. So how do you avoid this eventuality from happening to you? Well, it’s simple. Read and practice points 1 to 4. If you do, by the time you leave University, you shall have secured yourself a place in the competitive job market. If you won’t have secured that job, at least you will be able to compete for it.
6. Last but not least, enjoy life. My economics lecturer used to say that the best time in your life is when you are in university. This is kind of true. You learn this when you start working and all of a sudden you need to feed yourself, pay your own rent and bills, start paying taxes(this is particularly painful) etc. Enjoy life while you can. Hang out with friends, travel if you get the opportunity, play your favorite sport or listen to loud booming music for a whole day. Live while you are young and enjoy it.


A cool Tron Bike gets spotted in Nairobi!

While you and I are complaining about the hiking matatu fares or the expensive fuel ,someone in Nairobi just bought a Tron Bike and he/she is cruising around with it in the famous joints of NRB!   The bike was seen glowing outside a joint yesterday but it has been seen along Ng’ong road a few number of times! The bike is worth a cool 7 million shillings! Here are some photos of the cool bike.02-Light-Cycletrromx

Vin Diesel declares there will be an upcoming ‘Fast and Furious’ trilogy!

The reknown actor took to Facebook yesterday to assure his ‘fast and furious’ fans that the well known frachise is far from over! He posted this’The fans of the Fast & Furious SAGA are the best fans in the world… Since I became the Producer in 2008, you have been with me every step of the way… literally giving me feedback that proved invaluable. Thank you.
My producing partner Neal would love for me to just sign off on a director, but this is too special a franchise, so these matters have to be very carefully handled. To be clear, NO ONE has been offered to helm Fast 8 yet… let alone seen a script.
Universal has been so good to me and so trusting of the vision… they have been like family… I promised the studio I would deliver one last Trilogy to end the saga.
I will announce the directors on my next post…’ and he later continued to say ‘All weekend long, my producing partner Neal, the Studio and myself have been mapping out the future of our SAGA… All aspects of the trilogy, including the announcement of it’s respective directors, which is only building our excitement. I am really enjoying this process… but what gives me a unique sense of pride is that you all have been a part of it. To hear them reference the comments you contribute to Our page is truly amazing.
On behalf of the FAST Family, we thank you for making our DVD the biggest in history. We make these films with Our hearts.’  His fans were super excited by the news especially because ‘Fast and Furious 8’ was a huge hit! He later uploaded these photos.1796483_10152282219453313_1716002883_n12042657_10153756605798313_8735891588594411040_n

Sauti Sol takes over Newyork and took selfies with Bill Gates!

The band got to perform at the Global Citizen Festval where they met other reknown artists like Beyonce.They got the chance to hangout with the likes of Bill Gates,Usher,Kerry Washington and even Jay Z! Here are the photos.     wpid-screenshot_2015-09-27-17-54-44-1 wpid-screenshot_2015-09-28-07-16-05-1wpid-screenshot_2015-09-28-07-16-09-1

Kylie Jenner and Tyga fighting?

The two lovebirds have been rumoured to be having problems in their relationship and it all started with a rapper who once claimed that he had slept with Kylie when she was still in a relationship with Tyga,but no one knows if its true or whether the rapper was just looking for a little bit of fame.Now  the two are seen in a snapchat video arguing because Kylie posts too much stuff on snapchat!   In the first video Tyga says’ Oh my God! Why do you post everything?! Damn, you’re killing me!’ and continues to say “You wouldn’t like that if I posted you and sh*t, right? So stop filming me on Snapchat!”  Kylie says “You get so mad!” and then Tyga  “I’m not mad, I just don’t want to be on Snapchat all day, damn!”.Please watch the rest of the video on my facebook page.Here is a picture of the cute (10)

Ruiru MP did what? at a meeting!

Esther Gathogo Member of Parliament for Ruiru started stripping down on deciding that actions speak louder than words.She did this as she was addressing an event in Ruiru(Katongora Village) after getting too emotional about Johnstone’s Muthama’s remarks at  a Cord Rally,however before she could strip down fully some women who were in the audience stopped her!

Finally! Diamond and Zari unleash photos of their daughter!

Diamond Platinumz and Zari Hassan are a very cute couple and also the most famous couple in East Africa.The two unleashed the photos of their daughter(Lattifah Nasibu) after making fans wait for more than a month just to get a glimpse of the cute Princess.Take a look at just how cute she is! The Unleashing was sponsored by National Microfinance Bank of Tanzania.Tiffah1Tiffah-2 (1)

Kanye West confirms he is running for president and take a look at his possible running mates.

The rapper said this while accepting a lifetime achievement awards at MTV music awards a few weeks ago telling the crowd that he will run for president in the year 2020.

Soon after Kanye told the world it was time for the internet to get busy ridiculing him.kanye-for-president

On an interview with Vanity Fair he said ‘I hate politics. I’m not a politician at all,” and later adds “I care about the truth and I just care about human beings. I just want everyone to win, that’s all I can say.”. Looks like he is really serious  about it!

His first choice of a  running mate would be Taylor Swift second Jay Z and maybe his third choice would be Jaden Smith.

Which other celebrities do you think Kanye would choose to be his running mate?

Is Donald Trump’s daughter pregnant?

Yes it is confirmed, she is pregnant with  her third child.The 33 year old is a socialite and businesswoman just like her husband Jared Kushner.The two started dating in 2007 and later got married 2 years later.Ivanka Trump says the baby is set to arrive in early 2016! ‘I couldn’t be more thrilled to share the news with you that I am expecting,To be adding another baby to our family is a tremendous blessing. Jared and I are so thankful, and so excited!” Ivanka wrote on her website.She announced the news via a video she posted online whereby the first and second born held number one and two respectively while she held number three.Please check out the video on my facebook account (sammy kibe).

Here is a picture of the beautiful family.ivanka-preggers-092415sp

Relationships 101:How to keep your man or woman.

1. Treat your lady like a queen and she will love you forever.. Every lady loves to feel special and appreciated.. Compliment her when she makes effort to look nice eg a new hairstyle,a new dress..etc..coz if you don’t,someone else will tell her how hot she looks!!!!

2.Introduce her to your friends/family.. Women love to be introduced,coz that is a sign that you are serious with them..unfortunately most men wait for so long or sometimes do not introduce their better half to their friends.

3.Surprise her with gifts no matter how small…ladies love gifts,a new pair of earrings can work miracles for your relationship.

4. Consult her when making major decisions… Its true men are the head of the family but consulting her makes her feel valued..You may not agree on the same conclusion but her opinion..she’s not only there to be seen but to be heard too.

5.Take it slow in the bedroom..some men are selfish and only care about their satisfaction but the best bedroom experience is when you are both satisfied…foreplay is important and this might even start a day earlier starting from how you talk to her,how you look at her and generally how you treat her.

6.Call your lady sweet names…ladies love that..not only when you want her to give it to you but at all times!!!

7.Listen to her…women love talking and even when u feeling tired or bored at least pretend just to make her happy…don’t bring her down coz she’ll start thinking that u r listening to someone else!!!!

1. Submit to your man…I don’t mean you should be on your knees when serving him food,or agreeing to everything that he says…but make him feel he is the head and you are the neck…in this generation of gender equality that may be a hard concept to comprehend..But think about it,the head needs the neck fos support and stability but the neck can stand on its own even without the head!!!!

2.Put in effort to maintain your looks..its true inner beauty is important but men are visual creatures…he did not hit on you coz you are generous or forgiving,your looks drove him to knowing you better.

3.Men are mostly about sex…so give it to him the way he wants it…but be careful not to do anything you are uncomfortable the same time be open to new things,we all have our sexual fantasies and are best fulfilled when shared with someone we love and let your selves go when being intimate,don’t be shy,after all what doesn’t he know about you!!!!

4.Men love home cooked traditional as it may seem it true..try it tonight and you’ll thank me later..but that doesn’t mean your place is in the kitchen,let him take you out for dinner every now and then..he should also cook for you sometimes.

5. Don’t nag your man…ladies please I know we love to talk even when we should not but please he is an don’t have to keep telling him this and that and complaining unnecessarily… Give the guy some credit for trying.

6.Support your man..if there’s one thing that touches the heart of a man,its support and encouragement from his wife or girlfriend…unless he has a weird dream of being an alien,all other dreams are valid!!

7.Respect your man..Men love to be respected just as any human being does..only that they have an ego to be massaged..n its not bad,respect him and you will keep him..

Here is a picture of the writer,(Jackline Kibe)IMG-20150922-WA0000