Relationships 101:How to keep your man or woman.

1. Treat your lady like a queen and she will love you forever.. Every lady loves to feel special and appreciated.. Compliment her when she makes effort to look nice eg a new hairstyle,a new dress..etc..coz if you don’t,someone else will tell her how hot she looks!!!!

2.Introduce her to your friends/family.. Women love to be introduced,coz that is a sign that you are serious with them..unfortunately most men wait for so long or sometimes do not introduce their better half to their friends.

3.Surprise her with gifts no matter how small…ladies love gifts,a new pair of earrings can work miracles for your relationship.

4. Consult her when making major decisions… Its true men are the head of the family but consulting her makes her feel valued..You may not agree on the same conclusion but her opinion..she’s not only there to be seen but to be heard too.

5.Take it slow in the bedroom..some men are selfish and only care about their satisfaction but the best bedroom experience is when you are both satisfied…foreplay is important and this might even start a day earlier starting from how you talk to her,how you look at her and generally how you treat her.

6.Call your lady sweet names…ladies love that..not only when you want her to give it to you but at all times!!!

7.Listen to her…women love talking and even when u feeling tired or bored at least pretend just to make her happy…don’t bring her down coz she’ll start thinking that u r listening to someone else!!!!

1. Submit to your man…I don’t mean you should be on your knees when serving him food,or agreeing to everything that he says…but make him feel he is the head and you are the neck…in this generation of gender equality that may be a hard concept to comprehend..But think about it,the head needs the neck fos support and stability but the neck can stand on its own even without the head!!!!

2.Put in effort to maintain your looks..its true inner beauty is important but men are visual creatures…he did not hit on you coz you are generous or forgiving,your looks drove him to knowing you better.

3.Men are mostly about sex…so give it to him the way he wants it…but be careful not to do anything you are uncomfortable the same time be open to new things,we all have our sexual fantasies and are best fulfilled when shared with someone we love and let your selves go when being intimate,don’t be shy,after all what doesn’t he know about you!!!!

4.Men love home cooked traditional as it may seem it true..try it tonight and you’ll thank me later..but that doesn’t mean your place is in the kitchen,let him take you out for dinner every now and then..he should also cook for you sometimes.

5. Don’t nag your man…ladies please I know we love to talk even when we should not but please he is an don’t have to keep telling him this and that and complaining unnecessarily… Give the guy some credit for trying.

6.Support your man..if there’s one thing that touches the heart of a man,its support and encouragement from his wife or girlfriend…unless he has a weird dream of being an alien,all other dreams are valid!!

7.Respect your man..Men love to be respected just as any human being does..only that they have an ego to be massaged..n its not bad,respect him and you will keep him..

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