Kylie Jenner and Tyga fighting?

The two lovebirds have been rumoured to be having problems in their relationship and it all started with a rapper who once claimed that he had slept with Kylie when she was still in a relationship with Tyga,but no one knows if its true or whether the rapper was just looking for a little bit of fame.Now  the two are seen in a snapchat video arguing because Kylie posts too much stuff on snapchat!   In the first video Tyga says’ Oh my God! Why do you post everything?! Damn, you’re killing me!’ and continues to say “You wouldn’t like that if I posted you and sh*t, right? So stop filming me on Snapchat!”  Kylie says “You get so mad!” and then Tyga  “I’m not mad, I just don’t want to be on Snapchat all day, damn!”.Please watch the rest of the video on my facebook page.Here is a picture of the cute (10)


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