TUTORIAL- How to fix your computer yourself in 3 easy steps!.(No need of a technician)

Sometimes our computers have some small problems for example it might not power on even if you have charged it.You can try and rectify the problem yourself first before contacting the technician.The first step in  solving the problem is first finding it.We can solve the problem by applying the troubleshooting process.The stages of the process are:

Identify whats wrong with the computer  for example it cannot power on or the cursor is moving on its own(without you touching the trackpad) etc.Try and ask yourself questions like what error message did you receive or is it booting correctly ,what were you doing with the computer when it started showing the errors? After asking yourself these questions i trust you would have  found the computer problem.

Next you try and research or think what could have caused the problem to occur.You can briefly outline all the causes you have found.For example if you are experiencing a cursor that moves on its own you may find some of the causes could be that the trackpad is dirty or you accidentally touched the trackpad thus making the cursor to move.(these are just few of the causes please research more if this is the problem with your computer.)

The third step is to try and rectify all the causes that you listed down in step 2 until you find the one that will fix the problem.For example if your computer cannot power on and you found that one of the causes of the problem is the battery then you will replace the battery and see whether the computer will power on, if it does not work then move on to the next cause until you find the one cause that will rectify the problem.If this does not work then continue with step 4.

If it does not work then try and get help from a friend who is more knowledgeable about computers and you can repeat the process with him/her.If the problem still cannot be rectified even after seeking help from a friend then contact a technician.

After the technician fixes the problem please verify that the computer is working properly and ask the technician how you can prevent the problem from occurring again or ask him/her whether it is possible for him to put up preventive measures so that the problem does not occur again.The technician should also provide you with necessary paperwork.

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