How to study for exams in only a week!

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First step is to know how you perform in each subject and this will help you decide how much time you will attribute to the subjects.Try and put more time to the subjects you don’t perform well and attribute less time to the subjects you perform well.

Secondly find out how much time the exam is going to cover by using your notes,syllabus and course outline.Obviously subjects with more material will require more study time and vice versa.

Third,is to organize yourself appropriately by making a study timetable using the information from step 1 and 2.

Fourth,start studying and while doing it make very short notes so that you can stay active and avoid dozing off especially if you are studying early in the morning or in the afternoon.You will also use these notes to refresh your memory.

Fifth, make digital flashcards by taking photos of the short notes using your phone .Try and look at those photos as much as possible thus refreshing your memory

Sixth, get assistance from friends and teachers on issues that are not clear.Also try and form discussion groups because in discussing your are are able to cover a lot of material within a very short time!

Seventh,take a look at past exam papers and also sample papers which show what the exam might look like.

Lastly and most important stay calm and relax.If you do not relax your brain woun’t  be able to think so try as much as possible to relax and stay calm even if you feel as if what you have studied isn’t sufficient!

For tips on how to stay calm and relax before and during an exam please read the next page.

I would also like to wish  success to the candidates of Menengai  High School especially my dearest friends Edwin Mugo , Salim Kimemia and Fiona Nduta from Nyahururu Elite High School.


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