How I lost 40 pounds within 4 months!

Weight loss! Weight loss!Weight loss! A term that is giving many ladies and some men sleepless nights….its a struggle and unless you experience it,you will often wonder why its the most opinionated topic of this generation,as everyone tries to find the quickest,easiest and cheapest method to attain their goal.Well for me its a personal journey that I started last year aand unless you set your mind for a lifestyle change,then you are bound to fail..I lost 20kgs(40 pounds) within four months,from 92 to 72kgs but the major challenge is maintaining that weight…my ideal weight is 60 so am still working towards that goal..

Everyone wants to know the  secret but I realized the best way to loose weight is the old fashion method of eating right and exercising…there is no shortcut.

Before i lost weightIMG-20150922-WA0001IMG-20150922-WA0003 and after I lost weightIMG-20150922-WA0000.


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